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Operation Repatriation

The Dominican Health Care Association of Florida has provided technical and medical support to the Consulate of the Dominican Republic in Miami in coordination of two emergency evacuation flights designed to return Dominican Americans stranded in the United States to the Dominican Republic. The flights were necessary as international flights have been halted and initiated at the direction of the Consul General of the Dominican Republic, the honorable Miguel Angel Rodriguez.

Dr. Monica Dorvil Bello, president of the DOHCAF Board of Directors, provided all of the coordination, leadership, and onsite support necessary to ensure that all passengers, airline crew and staff, consulate staff, families, and the general public were safe during the repatriation process. She also provided medical management and assessment of all passengers boarding the flight to adhere to government and health department screening requirements.

The flights departed as scheduled and landed in Santo Domingo reuniting passengers with their families. Our sincere thanks to all the consulate staff that worked diligently to ensure the success of these important operations.

We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to serve the Dominican community both in Florida and the Dominican Republic.

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