A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization of health care professionals who are licensed to
practice in the State of Florida and who are of Dominican descent, studied in
the Dominican Republic, or have social or economic ties to this community.We are an independent, not for profit organization.  We are not aligned with any political party or group. We are in pro of the health care professional.


To advance and promote the efforts of Health Care Professionals who embrace and support causes favorable to the Dominican community.


To be a nationally recognized Health Care Association providing guidance, consultation, and support to advance causes favorable to Dominican Health Care Professionals and supportive affiliates.

  • We are committed to promoting issues that embrace and support causes favorable to the Dominican Health Care Community by encouraging utilization of resources and support within a framework of ethics, fiscal responsibility, transparency, and professionalism.

  • Study, analyze, and disseminate licensing and regulatory information that affects the practices of health professionals in Florida.

  • Advocate for an active role of members of our community in the legislature, community boards, and other regulatory bodies.

  • Organize our members to develop one strong and cohesive voice in pro of causes that impact health care practices in Florida.

  • Assist individuals, entities, professional, and communities to transition to the changes related to impending health care reform.

  • Support causes or projects that advance the goals of Dominican health professionals in Florida.

Welcome to the Dominican Health Care Association of Florida, Inc.

A 501 (c) (3) Not for Profit Corporation


The Dominican Health Care Association of Florida, Inc. (DOHCAF) was founded in January of 2011 with the goal of uniting the significant number of health care professionals who are either Dominican, were trained in the Dominican Republic, or have ties to this community and who live or practice in the State of Florida.

DOHCAF plans to actively engage its membership to advocate for the needs of its member community.  As a not for profit organization, we will passionately pursue our commitment to our community through a comprehensive program of education, outreach, and fundraising.  We will focus on enhancing and enlarging our network of members, supporters, providers, and benefactors.



T: +1-305-582-5794

E: daisy@dohcaf.org

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