DOHCAF Clerkship Program

Welcome to the DOHCAF Clerkship Program, a medical student rotation experience that will allow medical students and recent graduates to intern in a variety of settings and specialties to augment their medical experience. 

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The DOHCAF Clerkship Program offers qualified foreign medical students and physicians one-month rotations in medical offices to observe the activities and participate in the daily operations of a medical practice in different disciples: internal medicine, family medicine, surgical rotations, subspecialty rotations and more. The DOHCAF Clerkship Program aims to offer opportunities that can direct, shape and construct strong relationships in the pursuit of training, residency/fellowship application and research.


Most clerkships will be on a 4-week cycle rotation with the  goal of acquainting participants to the evaluation and treatment of adults with a variety of illness, diseases, injuries, and/or operative needs. All rotations will be outpatient or office based.   


Emphasis is placed on developing the skills to diagnose common clinical conditions and to recognize clinical presentations of common diseases. This is facilitated by enhancing the skills used in taking a patient history, performing a comprehensive physical exam and formulating problem lists with appropriate differential diagnosis. Participants will take part in the evaluation of a diversity of patients as part of a team under the supervision of licensed  physicians.

To enroll in the Clerkship, please submit the DOHCAF Clerkship Application Request below to access the downloadable application form. Then complete the application form  and submit it with all the required documentation as instructed. 

DOHCAF Clerkship Application Request

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The Dominican Health Care Association of Florida, Inc. (DOHCAF) was founded in January of 2011 with the goal of uniting the significant number of health care professionals who are either Dominican, were trained in the Dominican Republic, or have ties to this community and who live or practice in the State of Florida.

DOHCAF plans to actively engage its membership to advocate for the needs of its member community.  As a not for profit organization, we will passionately pursue our commitment to our community through a comprehensive program of education, outreach, and fundraising.  We will focus on enhancing and enlarging our network of members, supporters, providers, and benefactors.



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